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We are humans and this means that we are bound to make mistakes. The Sit and Go poker players make no exception from this rule. The SNG tournaments are probably one of the best online poker tournaments where you can enjoy playing poker and and you can easily win money. In this article we will present you a large list of the most common mistakes which are constantly being made by both professional poker players and beginners.

By knowing exactly what mistakes you could do, it’s going to be a lot easier to avoid doing them.

Playing at the wrong stakes: Before choosing a stake level at a sit and go tournament, it’s best that you learn a little bit about the SNG bankroll management principles. This way it will become a lot easier for you to select the buy in level.

Playing too tight: Playing tight is definitely a good idea if you are playing a Multi Table Tournament. But you will have to adopt different strategies for a SNG tournament. Here the blinds are going to increase a lot more rapidly and this means that you will get eliminated quickly unless you manage to get a big stack and defend it until the bubble.

Playing too many hands: Is probably one of the most common beginner mistakes. You can see it happen at almost any type of poker game. Beginner players are very enthusiast about the game and they want to play as much as possible, thinking that this is the best way to win.

Bad strategy for the bubble: The sit and go poker tournaments are all about getting in the top 3 at the end of the tournament. There are many players out there that simply fail to understand the real objective of the game and the moment when there are 5 players left in the game, if they don’t know exactly how to act depending on the size of their stack, they will get easily eliminated.

Underestimate your opponents: In case you will start playing a SNG tournament by underestimating your opponents, you might get burned.

Overestimate the draws: At the early stage of a SNG tournament you should stay as tight as possible in order to be able to keep a good amount of your chip stack ready for the next stages where the blinds will go up. This means that you should always avoid throwing all in with just a draw. A flush draw or straight draw might not be the best hand that you can get.

Don’t stop learning: Online poker and especially sit and go tournaments are something that will mean a continuous learning process. This mean that even after 10 years of play, if you are an open minded person you will still be able to learn something new. So play close attention to what’s going on at the tables and you will get to learn a new thing that can be used later on every time.

Over-betting pots to steal them: This mistake is most likely going to be encountered at the lower limits. It’s always good to evaluate correctly the pot and don’t make this mistake by betting too much for just a little gain.

Playing without selecting the right table/poker room/bonus offer: By doing a little bit of research before signing up for a website, you will get the chance to receive the best bonus that can be easily cleared with SNG tournaments. After that you must make sure that you select the right SNG tournament. You will have to take into consideration, your current skill level along with the level of your bankroll.

Playing without knowing the rules & basic strategies: Before you start playing SNG tournaments it’s mandatory that you know the rules and understand exactly at least the main strategies which are being used to play and win sit and go tournaments. There are plenty of sites out there to teach you everything you need in order to become a successful sit and go poker tournament player.

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