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Sit and go poker tournaments have proved to be very profitable for some players. This is the reason why a certain category of SNG grinders was formed and these types of poker tournament players are able to make a living out of their play.
The main benefits of SNG tournaments are the fact that they feel like the final table of a multi table tournament and at the same time they can prove to be very lucrative. Learn here some of the most important tips that could transform you into a successful SNG player.
Use Good bankroll management – By using a good SNG strategy you will be bound to win just a small number of SNG tournaments. Even the best SNG players in the world are not able to win everything. This is the reason why it takes a good bankroll management system to help you stay out of the embarrassing moments when you go bankrupt. The most common bankroll strategy is to spend only 10% of your bankroll on a SNG buy in. This way in case you have a bankroll of $200, the maximum you are allowed to spend $20 for a SNG.
 Don’t forget to bluff – There a very good number of players out there that are going to bluff at the wrong time. They will start bluffing right in the middle of the game, they bluff when they find themselves in an early position, they start bluffing when there’s a large pot where a good number of players are competing for. It takes a lot of skill and experience to prepare for the perfect bluff and most of the time only few players are able to make perfect bluffs. You have to bluff when you find yourself in a late position, when you see that the other players are giving you signs that they don’t have some premium hands and at the same time you must make sure that you don’t bluff too often.
Play tight – It’s a very well-known fact in the world of online poker tournaments that during the early stages of a SNG tournament you have to play tight. This means that you must keep the risks to the minimum, so that you will not lose any of your chips. This is the only way you can make sure that you get to keep your chips and go to the next stages of the tournament.
Heads-Up Play – In case you manage to reach the end of the sit and go tournament and you will be left in the game along with another player, the blinds level is going to be very high and the strategy options you have available are going to be very limited.
Never stop learning – Poker is a game which is made out of a continuous learning process. This means that even if you consider yourself an experienced player, you still have to keep on learning from your latest poker sessions. By having a look at the hand history and going through the whole SNG tournament all over again, you can learn a lot.
Select the proper poker site – There are plenty of online poker sites out there that offer SNG tournaments but only a few of them are still considered to be lucrative by poker professional players. It’s going to be up to you to read as much information as possible about the SNG from different online poker sites and sign up for the one that will best fit your needs.
GO for the KILL! – This means that you must always have in mind to get the #1 position. It’s definitely going to be a lot better to win one SNG than being the second for two tournaments. The #1 position at the SNG pays a lot more than the 2nd or the 3rd position.
Are you enjoying SNG? – Sometimes you must take a pause and think for some time whether the SNG tournaments are right for you. Before taking the decision to concentrate all your efforts on the SNG tournaments you must make sure that they represent the best alternative you have. You might enjoy the MTT or ring games more. If you don’t like playing, there will be no passion in what you do and this way you could never become successful.
Adjust your strategy – While playing SNG tournaments you can manage to notice that the game conditions will begin to change very rapidly. This means that the blinds begin to raise, the opponents that are left in the game get tougher, plus many other things that will vary in a sng tournament. It’s going to be up to you to always adapt your game to the new conditions that you manage to encounter and to your opponents. Only by being flexible you can constantly win SNG tournaments.
Use your position – The moment when you find yourself in a late position, you will be able to do a lot more since you will have access to a lot more information. This is the reason why it’s always best to take some action only during the moment when you find yourself in a late position.

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