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Get the final results here: 2011 WSOP ME Winner

The WSOP main event November 9 was played down to a final three this weekend. The final three will meet again Tuesday evening to play down to the final winner. Pius Heinz has a commanding lead, with more chips then both his opponents combined.

Play began at 3:30 ET and the first player was eliminated at about 6:30 ET. Sam Holden was the first eliminated player when his AJ lost to Ben Lambs AK (that became a flush), Mr. Holden was the online November 9 player to win under $1 Million, he was awarded $782,115.

Now that the first player is eliminated, play got a bit more aggressive. Anton Makiievskyi moved all in with KQ, to get called by Pius Heinz and his 99. The nines hold up, and Anton Makiievskyi is out in 8th place for $1,010,015.

Twenty minutes later, a severely short-staked Badih Bounahra pushes all-in with A5. Martin Staszko re raises with A9, forcing the hand heads-up. Badih Bounahra gets no help, and is out in seventh place for a $1,314,097 prize.

On the last hand before the 8:30 break, Eoghan O’Dea is crippled on a hand. Ben Lamb made an aggressive bet with a Qd8d, O’Dea senced the weakness and called his all-in. Ben Lamb said nice call as O’Dea showed his Ac-9d. At the end of the hand Ben Lamb had a pair of eights, and O’Dea had not improved. The next hand after the break, O’Dea pushed his crippled stack in, and was called and beat to finish in 6th place for a $1,720,831 payday.

Right after O’Dea’s exit, Phil Collins found himself all-in with Pius Heinz. Collins held a Ad7d and Heinz a 99. It was an exciting board as the flop gave Collins a straight draw, the turn a flush draw and finally finished with a small pair. Phil Collins is eliminated in 5th place for a $2,269,599 payday.

Phil Collins is eliminated just before 9pm, and it will be about four hour before we see another player leave. There are a lot of exciting hands, and plenty of boring ones. At about 1:40AM, Pius Heinz wins a big hand against Ben Lamb to be the first player to break the $100 million mark.

At 1:47AM ET Matt Giannetti moves all-in with A3, and Ben Lamb snap calls. Ben Lamb has KK, and proceeds to make quads. Matt Giannetti finished in fourth place for $3,012,700.

The remaining players went on break, to finish out the tournament Tuesday evening.

The remaining players:

Pius Heinz 107,800,000
Ben Lamb 55,400,000
Martin Staszko 42,700,000

The places, and paydays of the finished players:


Place Name Prize
1st Pius Heinz $8,715,638
2nd Martin Staszko $5,433,086
3rd Ben Lamb $4,021,138
4th Matt Giannetti $3,012,700
5th Phil Collins $2,269,599
6th Eoghan O’Dea $1,720,831
7th Badih “Bob” Bounahra $1,314,097
8th Anton Makiievskyi $1,010,015
9th Sam Holden $782,115

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