2012/2013 NFL Betting Types and Options

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The 2012-2013 NFL season is officially within reaching distance, which means that we have to look at an in-depth betting preview on the season. This preview will feature the many different types of betting options available for the NFL. First off, while the Green Bay Packers are getting all of the betting love with 6 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl, remember that the NFL really can feature teams simply getting hot at the right time (New York Giants from last year), so don’t sell yourself on one team too quickly! Also, keep in mind that there are several very solid betting systems out there that are meant to help you make winning picks. Now let’s get right into talking about the different types of NFL betting options that are available for the 2012-2013 season!

NFL Futures Bets

Not only do you have the option to bet on the future winner of the NFL Super Bowl for 2013, but you can also bet on a team to win the NFC and AFC Championship as well. Both of these bets can feature some great odds to go with the Super Bowl winner bet, so don’t overlook them. Last but not least in terms of futures bets is the over/under on specific teams in terms of their projected wins. Often times sports bettors will overlook this betting option, but this can actually feature some of the best futures bets of the entire NFL season, since lines can end up being a good bit off on teams. Take your time to do the research, but check them out and see what you like!

Weekly Betting

Obviously the biggest type of NFL bet is the weekly betting options that are out there. Regardless of who you are, if you are a fan of football there is going to be a game out there that has your intrigue in terms of sports betting. Not only do you have the option to bet on teams to win the game straight up on the money line or with the point spread, you can also bet on the over/under in the game as well. I’d say that one of our favorite betting options week in and week out though is the player and game props that are offered. These types of bets can put two quarterbacks up against each other to see who will pass for more yards or more touchdowns. These can be great NFL betting options because you’ll find that often times those lines just don’t seem right, so make sure to check them out.