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Carbon Poker is bringing back their Chip Kings freerolls. The goal is to get at least 50 VIP points each week, and you are entered into a freeroll. The more VIP points you earn, the more chips you have at the start of the freeroll. Each week the freeroll prize pool gets larger, and the last week is only open to the top 50 players.

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How To Qualify For Chip King Freerolls

Each tournament has a qualification period, and if you earn over 50 VIP Points during that period, you’re in! You will start with a stack corresponding to the amount of points you’ve earned:

Points Earned During Qualification Period Starting Stack for Chip King Freerolls
50 – 99.9 VIP Points 250 Chips
100 – 249.9 VIP Points 500 Chips
250 – 499.9 VIP Points 750 Chips
500 – 999.9 VIP Points 1000 Chips
1,000+ VIP Points Unique stack based on VIP Points earned

Schedule and Prize Pools

There will be a freeroll every Sunday, starting Oct 7th 2012, through the end of the month. The first freeroll will have a $2,500 prize pool. Each week the prize pool will grow the second week $5,000, the third, $7,500. On October 28th the top 50 VIP Points earners between October 1st and 26th who have opted into Chip King will be entered into an exclusive $10,000 tournament, with custom starting stacks based on VIP Points earned. Play Now!