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It’s been a few years since the initial launch of the groundbreaking PKR 3d poker software. We thought it would be a good idea to look at the current 3d poker options. The first thing we noticed, is there is not very many 3d poker sites to choose from.

Another important factor in playing at a3d poker site is your computer. It is important to have a computer that meats, or exceeds the requirements to run the software. Using an old or slow computer will quickly ruin the game experience by providing a choppy, slow play environment.

Here as a quick breakdown of the key 3d poker sites:

PKR – PKR is the well know one. It was created to offer a stunning software experience. PKR has been around since 2006, and has grown to be a real powerhouse in online poker. They are not just a a bunch of fancy graphics, but also a well run poker room. You can find plenty of action on PKR in ring games, and tournaments.

888 – 888 entered the 3d poker arena in 2010 with a spectacular software upgrade. They completely transformed the poker experience with a 3d software upgrade. 888 offers both Windows and Mac versions of their 3d software.

Poker 3 – Poker 3 is a 3d poker site that offers heads up games. The software is amazing, and the graphics and game play are very lifelike. Poker 3 is one of the few 3d poker site to allow players from the USA.

5 Dimes – 5 Dimes has been around for a long time. The offer a sportsbook, casino, poker room and a 3d poker room. 5 dimes accepts players from the USA. You can play Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo at 5 Dimes.

After looking at the 3d poker options, I am bit disappointed. In the last 5 years there has been very little growth in the market, and only a few companies have made the investment to add a 3d poker room to their portfolio. PKR has yet to face any serious competition for it software platform.

I assumed in time we would see more 3d poker sites. I have been let down, but I will continue to wait. It is only a matter a time before a company comes in and completely revolutionizes the online poker experience again, as PKR did in 2006.