3d Poker at PKR


Want more then an ordinary poker experience? Check out the 3d poker environments from PKR!

Awesome Character Development

PKR has some unbelievable features to create your poker character. You start by selecting a gender, skin tone and body shape, and fine tune it down to exactly who you want to be.

All the facial features can be adjusted such as eyes, ears, lips and nose. You can style your hair in many ways.

If this wasn’t enough, you can also put your self right in the game with a 3d rendering of your own face!

Next its on to your wardrobe. PKR has a massive array of clothing items to choose from. You can create your own style, and change it up as you feel the need.

Celebrate the holidays with special seasonal items available for limited times.

Amazing Visual Effects

PKR has some awesome 3d backgrounds. Check out the ones pictured here below. They are Chinatown, Cruise ship, Egyptian casino, Atlantis, Club Metro, Home game, Monte Carlo, Paradise island, Studio PKR, Vegas and Vintage bar.

Another great feature of 3d poker is your view. You have the option of changing views to suit your style. Choose the camera angle that works for you be it dynamic, first person, orbit or many others. You can get the view you want, when you want. It is also set up to handle multi-tabling with a breeze.

Set your characters mood, use body language to communicate this is as close to live poker as you will find on the internet. Take the time to download the PKR software and be sure to use PKR bonus codes when you sign up!