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Don Johnson is a high stakes blackjack player, with an amazing story. In one night he was able to take the Atlantic City Tropicana for $6 million.

The Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City is a luxury hotel, casino, and spa resort located on Brighton Avenue and the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is owned by Tropicana Entertainment and is one of the largest hotels in New Jersey with just over 2,000 rooms. Tropicana has over 3,000 slot machines and 135 table games and also features The Quarter, a shopping mall located in the complex.

Mr. Johnson has previously taken the Borgata for $5 million and Caesers for $4 million. He has taken over $15 million form AC casinos.

How did he do it?

Mr. Johnson is a skilled Blackjack player, who knows all the odds and math related to the game. Many suspected he was a card counter, but the security teams at the casinos he beat  don’t think so.

Mr Johnson used the casinos desperation for high roller against them. He was not interested in all the fancy things casinos offer, he didn’t need a private jet or the best suite. What he wanted was better rules. In a series of email correspondences with casino managers and hosts, Mr. Johnson was able to impove the odds.

He wont get into the exact specifics of the rule changes he wanted, but he got the game to nearly 50/50. By the time he was sitting at the table the house had 1/4 of 1% of an edge, and Mr. Johnson would receive 20% rebate on any loses over $500,000.

With even odds, and a 20% rebate Mr. Johnson knew he was in a very good place mathematically. He played for hours at $100k a hand, and was blessed with good luck.

Mr. Johnson will not be getting any such deals in the near future, as a matter of fact many AC casinos wont even deal to him. The Tropicana says they are more than happy to have him, but the old deal is off.

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