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When you play slots at a land based casino and your bad luck hits, you don’t have many options. Once you lose your money, you can no longer play. When you play online video slots you have the option to play for fun, or real money.

Online casinos give a play money option to attract players to them, hoping that they will play the slots, like them, and then go to make a deposit with them. It’s a marketing ploy as most players want to try out the casino before committing to giving them their money, especially as there are so many casinos around.

There are new casinos being launched all the time so they offer the play money option, as well as many offering first deposit bonuses, in order to entice players to give them a try. There is of course the option to go straight into playing on real money slots, whichever you prefer.

Many slots players like to play with fun money, and it’s something we recommend for new players. It gives you a great chance to practice playing at slots without losing your money, so you can hone your skills at no risk to your bankroll. Once you have built up your skills and spent enough time practicing though many players then like to switch to playing on the real money slots.

When you play real money slots there is the obvious advantage that, if you strike it lucky and win, you will win real money instead of just winning fun money. Its always nice to see your account balance increase, but if your not playing at real money slots then its if you were playing with Monopoly money, it isn’t real and you can’t spend your winnings on anything. Money that has come from playing on real money slots can be spent on real things which is always nice!

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