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The 2011 WSOP will begin on Tuesday May 31. It will be an interesting year for the WSOP with the state of online poker and all.

2011 WSOP Schedule

The big questions to be answered include:
Will the number of entrants be effected by black Friday?
Will the many online poker associated pros be on hand?
Which ones?
Will anyone be arrested, related to online poker?

Now, I for one think the tournament will go off without a hitch. I believe the number of players will be solid, but down a bit from last year. And I think many pros will be at the events, but perhaps a few will feel inclined to sit out.

This year is going to be including unprecedented live coverage, just in time to replace all the canceled poker shows.

Year # of Entrants
2003 7,572
2004 14,054
2005 32,341
2006 48,366
2007 54,288
2008 58,720
2009 60,875
2010 72,966

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