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Well, Happy New Year everyone. I hope it has been a wonderful holiday season for all. Like many people I received a new Android phone as a present. And like many, I want to use it to play some poker.

I have been surfing the internet all morning, and came across a PartTimePoker article I liked. The article is about Rush poker mobile and helped me get my Android phone all set up to play.

Rush poker is by far the best game to play on a mobile. The game is one that is conducive to mobile play. The high speed action keeps you interested, and since you have new player at each table you don’t need to be studying them.

If you are not familiar with rush poker here is a quick rundown. The game starts with a full table of players. The button position is chosen, and the blinds are placed. The cards are dealt to each player, and the action begins just as any other Texas Holdem Hand.

Then the game gets different. If you fold your hand, you are whisked away to a new table to start again. This is what makes it such a fast paced game. The player who decide to play in the hand stay and finish. The key to the game is to play tight and pick your spots.

If you have an Android phone, or any mobile devices that support Flash v10.1 or higher, you can get in the mobile rush poker game. The mobile game is played with the exact same player pool as the standard software. You will notice when using the mobile format the buttons are in different locations, and you do not have preselect options.