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Annie Duke did an interview on Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show on Monday. She was on the show to promote her new poker book, “Decide to Play Great Poker: A Strategy Guide to No-limit Texas Hold Em”, and the Epic Poker League.

During the rather boring, and standard late night talk show, Annie Duke said something that is lighting up the online poker circles. Mr. Ferguson asked “I thought poker became illegal or something? Didn’t it?”  to which Annie Duke replied, ” Only online, only online. You can still play in person…”.

This statement, a few seconds of a six minute long interview, are being dissected on the internet.

As a former spokesperson for the now defunct UltimateBet Poker, some say Annie Duke implicated herself in illegal activity. Her Brother Howard Lederer, the FTP front man, even more so. But even beyond that, calling online poker illegal felt like a betrayal. Many wondered how this former advocate for online poker could now regurgitate the DOJ position, and lend the strength of her words to their case.

But I for one, believe this is getting a bit over blown. Annie Duke did not go on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson to lambast online poker. She went on the show to promote her book and poker league. Craig Ferguson asked a question about something not very related to what she was promoting, so she moved the conversation forward. I wish she would have found a softer way to state what she said, and I wonder if she does too. But what was said was said, and we all know she is not the first to have said it.

Watch the video below (Skip to 1:25 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing):

My advise to the poker community is this. Back off, she is trying to make a living. She is promoting poker, and trying to encourage poker play. She is not on some crusade to destroy poker. She is on the side of poker. We, the poker community, must do are best to stick together on a united front, and overly criticizing Annie Dukes words are bad for poker.