Anton Makiievskyi


Anton Makiievskyi is from the Ukraine and is 21 years old. He is in the 2011 WSOP November 9  and has a lot of poker talent. Anton Makiievskyi is very popular with the younger generation because of how much talent he has with the game of poker.

The 21-year-old Ukrainian gained the spotlight at this year’s WSOP Main Event when he was the brand new chip leader and raked in at least 20 million-chip pot when he was involved in a confrontation between Chris Moore. He had a full house on the flop holding K-J and since winning that decisive pot late in the level of the Main Event he continued to strive forward to eventually reach the final table for the first time.

Anton Makiievskyi is one candidate that was at first an unlikely prospect to make it to the final table, but the tables have turned for him and luck is in his hands. One of the reasons as to why he was not sure if he would be big poker star was because his travel visa did not arrive until the late part of June but the poker goods were with him and it did arrive just in time for the 2011 World Series of Poker

Now, Anton Makiievskyi is very excited about everything that is happening. He is very grateful for this chance and is looking forward to playing the game.

During the later stages of the WSOP ME tournament arrived Anton Makiievskyi was seen sporting a baby blue and gold Team Ukraine jacket borrowed from friend by Oleksii Kovalchuk, another 21-year-old Ukrainian already with a WSOP bracelet this year.

The success Makiievskyi has already had heading into the final table has caused him to have a lot of new fans and many people are amazed at just how much talent this kid has when he was playing. Gradually always adding to his ship stack, he stayed focused and proved himself many times throughout the tournament that he has what it takes to be one of the best poker players around.

Anton Makiievskyi heads into the final table with having 13,825,000 chips and is in the eighth position. However, just because he’s in the eighth position does not mean he won’t win this year’s WSOP ME. He is a student of the game and has been playing poker for some time now and feels very confident in about this event and his own game because of how things have worked out for him so far. He is also still amazed that he was able to make it in time for the game and he feels that is a good sign about everything.

If Anton Makiievskyi was to win the WSOP ME when play commences on November 9, he will actually become the youngest player at 21, but he’ll be paying even closer attention to things because of his age and because he knows that he is playing with the pros and with the best of the best.

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