Badih Bou-Nahra


At 49 years old Belize’s Badih Bou-Nahra is the oldest player of the November 9 heading into the WSOP ME final table. He seats in at number two currently with 19,700,000 in chips which ranks him in at 6th place.

A grocery wholesaler by profession, he has attended the WSOP in Vegas for the past four years. Badih Bou-Nahra believes that people from Central America always tend to be passionate about whatever it is that they do for a living and he has a passion for poker and tries his best. He also says that a lot of Central American people love sports and that life in general.

A lot of players will be cheering for him to do well and he has a lot of support. He thinks that part of the reason as to why he has been so successful is because of all his fans. He said that it is very unbelievable to him at how many fans he currently has and all of the support he continues getting from them. He does not want to let them down.

Another thing is that many people believed that no one from Belize might actually make into the final table at the WSOP. But poker is very much a worldwide game nowadays and in fact only three players from American reach this year’s final table.

Another one of Bou-Nahra’s fans is Humberto Brenes and he is a very well known in the poker community in Central America. He was in the crowd and really cheering for Badih Bou-Nahra. Humberto and Badih Bou-Nahra have played together many times and they know each other very well. He has played with him at the same table on at least seven occasions and said that he is very fun guy to be with and enjoys playing with him.

He takes tournament poker day by day because he never knows the possibility of elimination when your entire stack is one the line is very real. During one of the hands at WSOP 2011 he was dealt pocket jacks. There was a bet, three-bet, and then a player shoved. One of the players had K-9 and his pocket jacks held up and he was glad that they did because everything worked out so he made it into the final nine which is what he wanted.

He plans on coming back and filling in at least 60 of the seats with his supporters. There will be 50 in a room and ten of them on stage. He’s coming back with some of the same crew but he is also coming back with a lot more of his fans. The support of the fans means a lot to him and he wants them there at the WSOP with him and feels that it will help him during the final table.

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