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Whether you are playing a poker game at home or in a casino, there are some ground rules of playing the game which you should know and follow. First of all, don’t try and be a poker cheat. Nobody will ever play with you if they think you are not being honest. Like any game which involves more than one player, you need to co-operate and exhibit good game ethics so that the spirit of the game is not destroyed. The basic poker game etiquette lay the ground rules for good behavior which should be followed during the course of a game to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Like in most games, wait your turn to play in poker. Even if you have a great hand due to which you can hardly wait to raise the bet, wait for your turn to do so. Same should hold well even if you are about to fold and cannot wait to get away from your hand. Do wait your turn to do so since out of turn action may confuse other players in deciding their own moves.

Even if you have folded, do not talk about your cards while the hand is still being played. For example, in a Hold’em game, if you have folded and you see cards on the table and blurt out that those two cards could have helped you have a full house, it will give the other players the information that no one else in the round can have those other cards and hence it will be difficult for anyone to bluff and represent that hand.

Resist the temptation of showing your cards when you fold. Online poker sites like don’t even let you do this. Even when you fold during a hand, do not let other players who are still in the game, know what your cards had been since that information will affect the way the hand is played out.

Though it is a dramatic scene in movies which many of us love to emulate, resist the temptation of tossing your bet in a messy way in the pot, called splashing the pot. It makes it hard for everyone to know how much you have bet ; instead, pile your chips neatly in front of you when you want to bet.

Avoid making string bets. String bets are those which are seen in movies when a player calls a previous bet and raises the amount at the same time. However, in real poker games, you can either call a bet or raise it, once at a time and not together. This is especially important in casino playing game rules.

Other etiquette include paying attention to your turn and not being absent minded so that others have to remind you of your turn. will actually time you out if you wait too long, and your hand will automatically be folded. Then again, even if you are on a bad losing streak, you should never be rude or mean to your fellow players since it will not win you any friends. Finally, if you are winning a hand before showdown and want to reveal your hand, do so in a manner that all can see your cards.

Following these simple rules will enable you to play in any poker game setting with ease.

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