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According to a report from the Las Vegas Sun,  the the Bellagio Hotel and Casino was almost a victim to a brazen robbery on Saturday night.The attempted theft was foiled by casino employees, and one man is in custody.

Two men entered the casino, and headed straight for the table games. Armed with pepper spray and disguised by wigs and sunglasses the two men where anything but traditional gamblers. At the table one man used pepper spray on the dealer, as the other grabbed 23 $5,000 chips.

The man who grabbed the chips was captured.  Police identified him as 24-year-old Michael Quinn Belton, of Nuevo, Calif.. The other man was able to get away, and is still at large.

The surprising twist of the story is about a high stakes player named Carlos Rodriguez. Belton claims it was Rodriguez who came up with the plan, and recruited the other two men. The story Benton tells is he responded to a Craigslist ad about a job repossessing cars.
But instead had a plan to rob the Bellagio Casino.

“Rodriguez informed Belton that he was a ‘high roller’ gambler in Las Vegas and would be able to later exchange the stolen chips for money, which he would split among the suspects,” according to the arrest report.

Detectives recovered a Mandalay Bay room key from Belton, who told police he was supposed to meet Rodriguez there after the robbery. A police check with Mandalay Bay employees showed Rodriguez was a registered guest, but he had never checked into his complimentary room from the Mandalay Bay Player’s Club.

The police are working hard to put all the facts together, and have yet to find the other robbery suspect, or Carlos Rodriguez.

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