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Blanca games inc issued a statement on Costa Rican authorities actions yesterday, May 6th 2011. The OIJ raided the support offices of AP, and UB and also, apparently, erroneously the support offices of Pokerstars.

The claim Blanca Games inc. states is the raids are looking for three individuals, no longer tied to Blanca. Blanca also states they are no longer in a contract with the customer service offices that where raided.

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The reported OIJ ‘raids’ of IDS and various associated private residential addresses were in relation to their search for Rimola, Tom and Vargas, and do not involve Blanca or the operations of Absolute Poker or UB.

They go on to further distance themselves from the indicted men, claiming they are victims of “misappropriated millions in IDS severance payments”. It would also appear there is a balance due on the workers severance pay, a very serious issue with the Costa Rican authorities.

Furthermore, Blanca is cooperating fully with the local Ministerio de Trabajo (Department of Labor Officials) in Costa Rica in order to coordinate an alternative method to remit all severance payments to IDS employees, thereby bypassing the facilities of IDS and Rimola to ensure that all obligations to former employees are fulfilled.