Bad Beat Jackpot of €1,265,583 Hit!

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As many of you already know, online poker bad beat jackpots can get huge. Weel, the one at the Boss media (ipn) network had been growing for quite some time.

I can’t get the complete details yet, as far as table positions and exact bets. What we do know is the hand went all-in between two players pre-flop. The flop was As 9h Kc, then the turn Ks, and the jackpot winning river was the  Ac.

The two player sin the hand where OmgoMgomGo with Kh Kd, and 7Adelaida7 with the Ah and Ad. Both players ended with quads, and a huge payday for all the players at the table.

So, you ask, what was the payday? Well, for the bad beat recipient, OmgoMgomGo the payday is a whopping  €442,954, the winner of the hand, 7Adelaida7 received a huge €221,477 prize. Then each other player at the table won €31,639.57, not bad for a hand they folded pre-flop.


“WOOOOOOOOW!! I had KK and all the money went in pre-flop. Once I hit my quads and saw the second Ace come on the river I was hoping that my opponent had hit their 1 outer! When I realised it had happened I was so happy, I still cannot believe it! The atmosphere at the table when it hit was great and I would like to thank all of the players and the staff for their best wishes. As for what I am going to do with the cash, I am planning to buy a house, a car and will certainly be partying hard!”