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The traffic at Cake poker is climbing again. Cake poker has been on a long suffering path of declining traffic. For about a year now the Cake poker network has seen it player number in steep decline, the latest shake-up might be exactly the ticket to correct this trend.


With the removal from the market of the big three sites, players are scrambling to find an online poker home. A limited number of options, puts Cake poker in the top three choices. If you don’t already have an account, grab your signup code for Cake Poker and download the software. It is time to take a look at your options.


I would place the traffic gains at Cake poker in the 12%-16% range. Peak players before the indictment was unsealed against Pokerstars, FullTilt Poker and Absolute poker was about 800-900 players at Cake poker. Since then, traffic peaks have stayed above 900, and even gotten above 1,110.


The key thing is the traffic was in decline before 4-15-2011, but is now increasing. This will create a better playing environment, in turn increasing traffic even more. It is reasonable to believe the Cake poker network will see very large growth in the coming months.

The Cake Poker network offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi and Hi/lo. You can play ring games, tournaments and SNGs. Cake poker is accepting players from the US and all around the world.