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Carbon Poker, and the entire Merge Poker Network, has just released a major software update. The network was been down for a while, but is back up and running. When you open the software it will auto update with the new version.

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What is new?

The Carbon Poker 6.0 software now gives players the ability to set their local timezone rather than use the client server time. This feature also automatically changes the listed start times for the tournaments so they are correct for whatever timezone the player sets. You will find an extensive list of international timezones to choose by using the provided drop menu shown below.

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New Tournament Lobby:

A detailed tournament lobby page is now available for every tournament in the client. The lobby screen contains vital information about the chosen tournament including a large clock to clearly show when the tournament starts. Also included in the new lobby screen are the players current bankroll and VIP points and a direct link to the cashier.

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The 6.0 client now has two dedicated ways to filter the game list to suit your needs. First you will have a quick ‘selector’ style filtering which allows you to easily follow your filter choices as you make them. The game list automatically updates as you choose the various filter options from the game list selectors. It’s also a great way to visually see what choices you’ve made as each selector is highlighted for you and leads your eye onto the next game list selection you’ve made.

The advanced filter option provided is much more in-depth and provides fine control over every aspect of the game types offered. Here you can set the game type from the drop menu and the specific stakes you prefer using the slider bar next to it. Each variation of game is given it’s own dedicated check box so you can limit to just the ones you prefer and exclude all others. Also included is the ability to filter using specific table statistics such as ‘Average Pot’, ‘Players per Flop’ and ‘Hands Per Hour’ to name a few.

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New Search Field:

The new search field in the Carbon Poker 6.0 client allows players to search for a multitude of variables by simply typing them into the provided field. Search options now include the ability to search on specific table names (such as ‘Rue St Catherine’) or Tournaments (including tournament ID’s), search for specific player nicknames, search on player tags and even search on player notes you may have made.

The search feature auto completes what you’re typing and allows you to quickly find the results you’re after.

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Game List Expander:

The new Carbon Poker 6.0 software now offers players the ability to expand their game selection from the game list. Each game listed has a small arrow to the left of the name. Players can click the arrow to expand the game / tournament selection to display a variety of information about that particular game / tournament. For example, clicking the expander arrow on a cash game will display information such as the players current at the table and the players in the waiting list. It will also display a small image of the table and give players the ability to ‘Sit Down’ directly from the game list. Doing that will take players straight to the buyin screen.

For Tournaments, the expanded window displays a basic tournament lobby that has the tournament details listed, such as start time, registration time and number of players currently registered. Players can also click on the ‘Lobby’ button provided to be taken to a more detailed lobby display, or they can register directly from the expanded game list.

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Table Stats:

To keep on top of the action at the tables, 6.0 now features a dedicated window just for table stats. Here players can view information such as hands dealt, hands won and flops seen. Also, players can view percentages of pots won both pre and post flop.

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