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The bad beat jackpot at carbon poker is at $247,990 as of the writing of this article! This is a giant jackpot, and could be life changing to get the large share of over $75k.

To win the bad beat jackpot, you must do several things. First you will have to be playing at Carbon Poker, you can download the software here if you don’t have it already. Next you will have to sit and play a real money Bad Beat Jackpot table. Carbon poker takes a small fee from each pot to cover the massive jackpot that grows over time.

The most important part is to get quad sevens or better beaten by quad eights or better. You must use both your hole cards, and at least four people must be dealt into the hand. If you can do this, the whole table will win some money. Good luck!

Bad Beat Jackpot Payout:

Bad Beat Jackpot requirements:


  • The losing hand must be at least a Four of a Kind 7’s
  • The winning hand must be at least a Four of a Kind 8’s
  • Both the winning and losing hands must include both hole cards.
  • At least four players must be dealt in at the start of the hand
  • The hand must have generated jackpot rake (ie. $0.50)
  • Two or more players must be active at the end of the hand, and it must go to showdown.
  • CarbonPoker does not tolerate collusion. All players must act independently and not reveal their hands to other players, nor tell them how to act. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in automatic disqualification from the Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • Players sitting out at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables are not eligible for the Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • Should two qualifying jackpot hands hit at precisely the same time, the jackpot will be awarded to the hand that began first according to CarbonPoker’s server time. The second of the qualifying bad beat hands would be eligible for the reseeded Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • If there are two or more hands that qualify for the jackpot within one hand, then the two highest hands will be considered for the jackpot, with the highest hand being the winning hand and the second highest hand winning the bad beat.