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This is a great promotion for all of our newest players. When you first join CarbonPoker and deposit, you will be offered and individual 30-day Cash Chase. From the time you deposit, until 30 days later, you will be racing through an individual leaderboard. The more points you earn, the bigger your payout.

Generate VIP Points by playing in real money S&Gs, MTTs and Ring Games. Get into the action at CarbonPoker with this awesome promo as you establish your VIP Tier, learn the software and win some cash. Check out the official page for a detailed list of points, prizes and payouts!

Points Earned Prize
500 $5.00
1,000 $11.00
2,500 $30.00
3,500 $50.00
5,000 $75.00
7,500 $120.00
10,000 $175.00
15,000 $280.00
25,000 $500.00