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Playing casino games can be a lot of fun, and with technology today it is easier then ever. As you probably already know, Apple has a strict policy about gambling apps in its store. This has not stopped online casinos from offering iPhone and iPad apps to play their games. The game experience is good, and sure to improve with regular updates.

The App store at Apple does not allow apps for gambling. Betfair was allowed to offer a sports betting app, but it contained a GPS function to assure the user was in England. You can find play money casino games, but none to allow casino gambling. Most of the ‘play money’ casino games will cost a few dollars to purchase.

A lesser know fact is that many online casinos offer games for iPhones and iPads. You should check out a couple different casinos, and find one that you like the feel of. Start by reading the, Best iPhone Casino Reviews and checking out the games each casino offers. Then you can download the app for the casinos you like and start playing.

At this time the online casinos offer a limited amount of games in the iPhone and iPad apps. You will find most have 10-15 games. Usually there are a few table games, like roulette and blackjack. The slot selection is going to be small, and just the most popular games. Many have a video poker game or two, but not the wide selection of the full online casino. Scratch card games and keno are also popular choices for the iPhone and iPad online casino apps.

The graphics of the games are simple, but sure to continue to improve. When games are played on the larger iPad screen, the graphics can show signs of depreciation. I think usually the software was wrote for the iPhone, but was found compatible with the iPad. You can be sure this is on the online casino tech departments list of things to do.

But all in all, the software is very good and a lot of fun. Playing online casino games on your iPad and iPhone is easy, and just a few clicks away. You will not find games that allow you to play for money at the app store, but that does not mean they don’t exist. You will have to go the site of the online casino that offers them to download the app. Have fun playing, and good luck.

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