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There are many things to consider when looking for the best online Texas holdem site for you. How often you play, when you play and cashing out are all things to consider.

If you play a lot of poker, you will want to consider if you want a small site or a big site. In a small site you will get to know the other players, and they will get to know you. The players will also learn your play style quickly and this could effect your winnings. On a larger site, you will have more anonymity. The larger site will provide a fresh pool of fish for you to feed on, or you can meat an ever stronger shark.

The most important part about the size of the poker site you play on, is when you play. If you like to play poker during non-peak hour for a small site it can be harder to get a game. If you like to play medium to high stakes even at peek hours your game selection may be limited. On the largest poker sites, you will find all levels of games at all hours.

If you like to play online poker, you will need to consider bankroll management. With online poker you will need to take extra steps to get your money on and off the poker sites, compared to a brick and mortar casino that would simply have a cash cage. If you play at multiple sites, it might be necessary to have bankrolls on each site. Knowing how fast, and how much money your poker site will move can be a big factor in bankroll management.

Playing poker is an exercise of the mind, and it starts before you play the game. If you are going to be a successful online poker player you must consider the poker sites you play at. You will want to be signed up at many, and know why you play at the ones you do. If you carefully consider why you make your choices in poker, you will be in a better position to be a winning player.