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Lets face it, the biggest reward for playing at PKR are the awesome 3d graphics. The stunningly lifelike ambiance is an online poker experience like no other. After that, the most obvious reward is PKR rakeback. But beyond that, PKR has many neat rewards features in their loyalty program.

Always up, never down

The first great feature for the casual player is the “Always up, never down” Club PKR loyalty levels motto. It means, of course, your level can only go up. So if you play for a while and achieve a loyalty level and its rewards, you don’t lose it even if you take a break from playing. This is a nice feature that is different then many other poker sites.

Earn PKR Points

You earn PKR Points for real money play. You can play in tournaments or ring games. For tournaments you earn 100 PKR points for every $1 you pay in tournament entry fees.

PKR points are also rewarded on every ring game hand that collects a rake. Each hand has the ability to have up to 300 PKR points awarded. The points are rewarded based on how much money you contributed to the pot. So the bigger the pot, and the more of it is your money, the more points you earn. It is a bit confusing, but don’t worry the software will do it all for you.

Club PKR levels

Club PKR has 6 levels. The first level is member and you need 5,000 PKR points to get in. You also must make at least one real money deposit to be in Club PKR. You progress through the levels at the pace dictated by your play. The levels are: Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

  • Member: 5,000 to 35,000 Points
  • Bronze: 35,001 to 100,000  Points
  • Silver: 100,001 to 500,000  Points
  • Gold: 500,001 to 1,000,000 Points
  • Platinum: 1,000,001 to 2,500,000 Points
  • Diamond: 2,500,001+ Points

Club PKR Benifits

PKR shop

The PKR shop is fully stocked with all you would expect and more. It has electronics, apparel, bags and computer items. It also has a bunch of books and magazines to help improve your poker game. The other thing you can do is purchase tournament entries. And just to help you understand the scope of items in the store you can even buy donations to charity.