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Cryptologic is considered to be one of the oldest online casino software developers out there. They have been around since 1995, back in the times when people would not even dream about playing their favorite online casinos from the comfort of their homes. Since these early days you can find many sites that test and compare casinos.

The online casinos which are currently powered by the Cryptologic software are very reliable and thanks to the fact that the software is based on more than 16 years of development experience, these casinos tend to attract the attention of many players.

User Friendly

The online casino games from the casinos which are powered by the Cryptologic software, are focusing on the player. This way the moment you will download the online casino software you will be able to start enjoying one of the best end user experience of an online casino.

Unique features

The unique features of online casino software are the most important thing, since this is what manages to make some online casinos stand out of the crowd and become better and more attractive than others.

  • Marvel Comics themed Slot machines
  • There are some Multi-Player games available: roulette and blackjack
  • Fast gameplay
  • More than 200 games available
  • Huge progressive jackpots worth millions of dollars


Popular online casinos that are using Cryptologic Software

The Cryptologic software powers some of the world’s most trusted and reliable online casinos. Thanks to the innovation and ingenuity of the software these online casinos manage to stand out in a very overcrowded industry. Here is the list with some of the most important and well known online casinos which are powered by the Cryptologic software: InterCasino, Omni Casino, The Sands of the Caribbean Casino plus many other great ones.


One of the main things that manage to help the Cryptologic online casinos to stand out of the crowd is the exclusive games that include the Marvel Comics themed online slot machines. This way at the cryptologic online slots machines you can find your favorite comic books heroes like: Blade, Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Iron Man, the Punisher, Silver Surfer, Thor and X-Men and let’s not forget about Spider man.

The classic slots are also available, but they are definitely not as popular as the progressive machines which can sometimes gather some incredibly large jackpots.

Along with all that, you can also find many other classic online casino games like: blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The moment you find yourself in the lobby of any online casino which is being powered by Cryptologic software, you will have the virtual casino feeling that you probably get during the moments when you play the games.

The graphics and sound effects of the board games are going to be 3D and thanks to the realistic shapes plus the rich colors, it manages to recreate the most authentic online casino experience.

The sound effects of the Cryptologic casinos are very close to the ones that you normally hear in a real casino and they are at the same time not annoying.


  • Reliable software
  • Manages to set up the standards in the online casino industry
  • Good game variety
  • Marvel Comics Themed slot machines
  • One of the few to provide multi-player games
  • Publically listed company


  • No US players allowed since the 2006 UIGEA bill
  • No games tournaments available

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