Dealing With Three-Bets From The Blinds

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Don’t you just hate those blind defenders! What is their problem? Just give it up already!

If you find yourself in a poker game where the player in the blinds is constantly three-betting you, then you have a series of options. The first, and easiest option is to fold. If you are raising from late position, the chances are you are likely opening with a wide range anyway, so just fold the hand. If you are playing low to mid-stakes cash games it is likely that your opponent might not have noticed that you are folding a high percentage of your hands. This is great because it means when you fight back with your premium hands they won’t adjust accordingly. Instead, you will often see your opponent getting it in much wider than you, with the likes of AQ and 99-JJ way behind the AK & QQ+ that you will be holding.

Another adjustment you should make is to narrow your opening range. If you are going to be on the receiving end of a three-bet blitz, then make sure you have the weapons to deal with it. By narrowing your range you always have a hand that you can play for stacks. Imagine how frustrating that would be for your opponent.

Finally, you could just fight aggression with aggression and deploy the four-bet. One great hand to use as a four-bet bluff is king-queen. It is often a hand where you find yourself with a difficult decision, as it is a hand that is too strong to fold and too weak to stack off with. So why not four-bet bluff? By making this move there will only be 24 combinations of AA-QQ & AK to worry about making it the perfect choice.

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