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Financial spread betting is an investors tool for leveraging securities without actually taking an ownership interest in them. You can make financial spread bets for currencies, commodities, specific stocks or full indexes. When you sign up for a new account you can get Financial Betting Bonuses, allowing you to get an even larger return.

Financial spread betting is like a wager you place on the stock market. You pick the stock, currency or index you think is going to move. You then wager based on whether you think it will go up or down. When you place a wager it will be multiplied by the points of movement. Each point, or penny, will be the multiple of one bet, making this a high risk, high reward form of investing.

With financial spread betting you can bet on almost anything money related. Some people will just do currency, other will stick to a couple stocks. Some people bet all over the place, going with sectors they believe are ready to move in price. You can choose where you place your bets from a wide range of options.

Signing up is easy, but you will have to do some paperwork to get things all set up. Once you do, you can fund your account, collect your bonus and get started. I would caution the new comer to start will very small bets. A $10 bet might sound very small, but that will be multiplied by every penny of movement, it can add up fast.

Stocks can move several dollars in a day if there is news about them. This could make you rich, or wipe you out so use common sense to limit your risk. One other thing to help limit your risk is a stop loss. If you have traded stocks before, you probably know the term, if not it is just like it sounds. To set a stop loss, you pick the price where you will auto sell. If that price is reached, your bet will be resolved, and you wont lose more if the price continues to drop.

I want to be sure I don’t understate this, Financial spread betting is high risk investing. It is a lot of fun, and can have huge rewards, but it can go bad just as fast. Use your head, use money you can afford to put at risk, and good luck!

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