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If you asked a room full of slot players what the favorite slots game was you’d probably get many different replies. A game loved by one person might be disliked by another slots player.

Some people may only play in online casinos with certain software. These players list would be full of Microgaming or Playtech slots games for example. Other players might play in a variety of casinos with different software, and would have a more mixed list of what they considered the best slots games.

Some slots players may prefer playing on a certain type of slots game. which might be the first type of slot game they ever played. For some players 3 reel 777 slots may be their best type, as these are very simple to play, do not require a large bank roll and are very traditional. Some players might say their best slots game is one of the 5 reel slots, as they might prefer the fact they are more modern, are more complex with more combinations on offer and so more pay lines you can win on.

Some games which have featured in various Best Slots Games have been based on a particular character. Cleopatra has proved to be a very popular theme, and many people will say their best slots games is one such as Cleopatra’s Pyramid, Cleopatra’s Gold or Cleopatra’s Coins. There have been several slots games based on Marvel comic book characters such as The Hulk, Fantastic Four and Thor. Also considered to be the best slots games are some of the Christmas themed games, such as Rudolph’s Revenge and Winter Wonderland, whilst if you like Halloween your best slots game might be the original Scary Rich.

The key to finding your favorite slot machine, is to try many and look for the features you like in new machines. There are new machines being designed each day, so your next favorite slot machine might not even be made yet.

Take ideas from all of the ‘best slots’ you see mentioned, try them out, and then you can decide which are your personal best slots games.

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