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In this article I will discuss the importance of focus, the inner game of poker. To start out, first of all, let me ask this important question, for the sake of bringing an important concept to your attention.

How important is focus at the poker table? In a live game focus may very well be the single most important key to consistent success, you really need to keep your eyes on the prize and be noticing every single little thing at the table to maximize your chances of success. In a tough game, focus will definitely be a major deciding factor on whether or not you can turn a real profit in the long run.

Next, with regard to online poker, I have to say that focus is as important as you make it. What I mean by this is that if you choose to play an intense session online, in a fast short-handed game for high stakes or multi-tabling smaller games, focus is a very important aspect of your game. In these situations a player with better focus will significantly outperform someone who can’t pay as good attention. Now, if you take it easy online and play only one or two very easy low limit games, simply playing good cards and value betting them probably accounts for the lion’s share of your profits.

Catching every little detail at the table doesn’t really matter as much. In the long run, however, any serious poker player will benefit a great deal by placing significant emphasis on focus at the poker table. Choosing to play when you feel sharp and making sure you catch everything you can at the table will greatly influence your success.

Focus is a skill that can be practiced and if you intend to elevate you game and play higher stakes one day you must always maintain it. Further, the importance of focus in your life away from the tables will affect your results. Staying mentally ready to play well everyday and being smart with your money are examples of focus related life skills that will help keep you in action. Also, I would like to add that in live low limit games sometimes appearing like you aren’t paying attention can increase your profits.

Even though you should always strive to pay full attention at the table you should watch out not to project the table image of an ultra-serious character. Even though being feared is good in poker, being loved is more profitable in the low limit games. So, order a drink once in a while, maybe tell some funny jokes and talk about stupid stuff while you play, but remember that you will always have better results if you keep your eyes on the prize.

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