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After all the positive feedback Carbon Poker received from their Hold’em Odds Calculator they released earlier this year, they are at it once again, catering to Omaha players this time around.

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Carbon Poker has released the Carbon Poker Omaha Calculator that is free for all players to download and use at the tables. This is a poker tool that will allow everyone to step up their individual Omaha game with the plethora of information it provides. From offering instant poker odds, opponent stats and probabilities the Omaha Calculator is a must have for any series player.

Some of the other features this tool includes are its ability to analyze one’s hand strength by using the innovative Hutchinson point’s method. This allows players to instantly know how strong their starting hand is and make more informed decisions going forward. It calculates pot odds after each card and transfers that into the odds of your hand winning in a showdown at the hand. Like the Hold’em calculator, it tracks player stats in terms of betting percentages, raise percentages, how often one folds etc, and has a hand replayer to allow you to learn after the fact from each situation you encounter on the felt.

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Poker is a game where the best learning comes from experience and with all the swings an Omaha game can have, being able to have access to all the correct probabilities and stats can only help players improve exponentially quicker. That is what using the Omaha Calculator does, so don’t get left in the dark. Download and use the Omaha Calculator at Carbon Poker today.