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If you are like many players, your bankroll can’t afford many $10,000 tournaments. But is making it easy to play in a WPT event, for free. Someone will win a $12,000 prize package at the end of this three round freeroll event. If you haven’t already; download software, use a UB Referral Code and get in the game.

The WPT LA Poker Classic is played at Commerce Casino in sunny Los Angeles, CA. The main event is a $10,000 ($9,600+$400), multi-day tournament starting on February 25th at 12pm local time. The tournament has 5 days of play before the televised main event on March 3rd,2011.

How to get in for free:

To get in for free via the freerolls you will have to advance through the three rounds.

Round 1

The first step in your journey is to play the round one free roll. They run Monday through Sunday starting December 13th 2010. The top 100 player will advance to the weekly final on Sunday.

Round 2

Every Sunday will be a round 2 weekly final. You will be able to play in this if you finished in the top 100 of a round 1 tournament. The 75 top player from each weekly final will advance to the round 3 event.

Round 3

Round 3 is the big one, the main event for the main event. The winner of this round wins the big prize, a $12,000 WPT LA Poker Classic prize package. The prize package includes the $10,000 buy-in and $2,000 for travel and hotel costs.

Even more

Besides the contest for the WPT event, the people at also have a side event. You can win a cool poker controller. If you don’t know what that is, it is like a remote control for playing poker. It makes it much easier to play poker with, and you can even play form your sofa on a big screen with ease.