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A neat little feature at Full Tilt Poker is the player achievement badges.

Each month you can earn up to 4 different badges. The badges are Full Tilt Poker Academy Badge, Iron Man Challenge Badge, True Poker Player Badge and Rush Poker Badge. Each badge has different requirements to earn.

Full Tilt Poker Academy Badge

To earn the Full Tilt Academy Badge you must complete three challenges in one month. Log-in to your Full Tilt Poker Academy account and choose your challenges.

Iron Man Challenge Badge

Qualify for the Iron Man Challenge every month to claim your Iron Man Badge.

True Poker Player Badge

You can earn your True Poker Player Badge by playing in any of our ring games, multi-table tournaments and Sit & Gos.

Rush Poker Badge

Earn at least 50 Full Tilt Points in one month playing Rush Poker to claim your Rush Poker Badge.

How To Display Your Badges

Now that you have earned your badges, it is time to show them off. They can be displayed right on your avatar for the whole world to see. T o do so, Log in to your Full Tilt account, click on Options at the top of the navigation. Then select Badge Display Options, now you can set your preferences by checking the boxes and selecting OK.