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Full Tilt Poker has started offering Multi-Entry Tournaments, giving players a chance to re-enter a poker tournament. This is a unique tournament format, so far only available at Full Tilt Poker. Basically, it allows a player to “multi-table” in the same tournament.

When you enter in Multi-Entry Tournament, each of your entries will have its own chip stack and be dealt its own cards. You can register multiple entries at the same time, or use additional entries as a “second chance” if your first entry is eliminated from the tournament in the early stages of play.

The same players multiple entries will never be seated at the same table. If a player has more entries then there are tables left, the entries will be merged into one player.

Once you find the tournament you would like to playe in, you can register. You can choose how many entries you would like to start with.

As you play you will be able to keep track of all your entries in the tournament lobby. When you get to the point where you have more entries then there are tables, your entries will automatically merge.

When an entry merger takes place, whichever entry is being moved from a broken table will be merged with your entry that has the smallest stack. Your avatar will flash “MERGE” to let you know when an entry merger takes place: