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In this article we will look at the poker bonuses that are offered by popular poker rooms and the reasons why you shouldn’t chase poker bonuses.

Poker bonuses come in different forms with many choices available to you. If you’re a new player who is yet to make a real money deposit for the first time, then you should get informed about new deposit poker bonuses. This poker bonus can be really big, quite often 100-200% of whatever you deposit.

The very popular online poker rooms are known for offering really attractive welcome deposit poker bonuses. So, in order to get the most out of the poker bonuses, make sure that the first deposit you make on any poker room is the largest amount you can afford to play with, since you will get the most reward.

They’re giving you free poker money just for joining their site, so why not take full advantage of it, even more so when you’re a newbie player and you need all the free money you can get your hands on while still very much learning the subtitles of the game.

Keep in mind, that with the deposit poker bonuses, you are required to earn points to release the cash bonus, and it will typically get released in increments of $5-$10, but its different for each poker room.

The next kind of poker bonuses is reload bonuses. Similar to deposit bonuses, they’re cash bonuses, but these are offered to regular players who have cleared the first time deposit bonus, its not just for players with new accounts.

Generally, each poker room will have a promotions page on their official website and they may also send out an newsletter via email to inform you about new poker bonuses, so you can be confident not to miss out on any free poker money.

Tip: Whenever you can take advantage of poker bonuses, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of trying to chase poker bonuses. When you’re playing in real money games, whether it is cash games or tournaments, the focus of your attention should always be on the hand you are playing, not what deposit you are trying to get. If you are not focused on your game, how can you expect to make the right decisions at the table? You should view poker bonuses as an extra benefit but don’t allow it to impact the decisions you make whilst in a hand.