How to Bet and Raise in No Limit Poker

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One of the key skills to develop when playing no-limit poker is – knowing the time at which to raise and bet. The simplest rule that can be applied to this is, to place a large bet when you have a big hand and a small one when the hand is weak. However, avoid forming a pattern at the table with this strategy, as players may pick up on it and predict your betting and raising tendencies. So, it is essential to introduce variety to this aspect in the game, and use these real money poker tips. The betting and raising strategy you select in poker are predominantly based on three aspects:

Blind size

One of the aspects on which you can base your bet is the size of the big blind. This should ideally be used only when you are in the late position with a marginal hand in a tournament play, and are accompanied by several who have limped to the pot. Here, you can opt to raise, as your opponents are likely to assume that you have a big pair or better and owing to this, your move will be relatively less expensive.

Pot size

Playing no limit poker can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to alter the pot odds. Due to this, the best parameter for deciding the size of the bet you place is the size of the pot. This offers each opponent twice as much on his money. If you bet the size of the pot irrespective of the hand – whether you have the nut hand or draw – you are effectively accomplishing two aspects: hiding your hand and building money in the pot. However, it is best to use this sparingly when you use a bluff. Also, if you have the nut hand, avoid using small sized value bets and raises on a regular basis, as this can encourage other players to exploit your pattern.

Another option you have is to bet or raise a portion of the pot. The ideal adaptation of the bet is in the range of 30% and 200% of the pot. If you have draws, you can bluff or bet them for a considerably small amount. So, with a draw, you can opt to bet 30% of the pot size and have pot odds of 4:1. If you have the nut hand, it is best to opt for value bets that have a high probability of bringing in calls from other players.

Stack size

Another effective way of placing a bet is by basing it on the stack size. The strategy used when betting against the stack is effectively the same as that used when you bet according to pot size. So, when you use this strategy, you will be betting against half the stack instead of half the pot. Ensure that you use this only when the stack size is larger than the pot size. For instance, if the pot has only $10 and the stacks between your opponent and you account for over $1000, then betting the stack size will be more beneficial than pot size. One of the ideal situations in which you can apply this strategy is when you have the nut hand. In this situation, your key goal should ideally be to get your opponent’s entire stack.