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rebuy-moneyThe money we have to sit down and play in one or more poker tables is called bankroll. The concept of bankroll management in poker speaks of the need to have a minimum amount of funds to play at a certain level. One of the first things to keep in mind when trying to sit down at a poker table is to know how much money you have in terms of buy-ins.

There are also several theories about bankroll management (BRM), depending on the type of games played (MTTs, SNGs, no limit cash games, limit cash games, etc.) as they all have varying levels of variance.

At the low stakes no limit hold’em tables that includes games up to $1/$2 NLHE you should have around 20 buy-ins. As soon as you’re below 20 buy-ins, you should move down in limits. For mid stakes and higher games, you will want at least 30 buy-ins to your name, as you will be playing against better players. As an example, in order to play at a $1$/2 table where you buy in for $200 (which is 100 big blinds) you would have to have at least $4000.

When playing poker, you should always be aware of how you are stacking up against other players in the games you usually play and if you find that the edge you have is tiny or pretty much non existent then you should swallow your pride and drop down in table stakes. It is sufficient to do this, so you can withstand the brutal swings that are part of the game, regardless of how well you may be playing.

With no regard for BRM, your bankroll for playing poker will be gone before you know it. If after several tilted days your bankroll runs out, you’ll have lost money that you cannot recover, as you will no longer be able to play in the game.

Hence, the importance of always practicing proper bankroll management. So, what this means is if your bankroll is $100, then playing at the $1/$2 tables would be a disaster waiting to happen. One monster cooler or bad beat and you will have no choice but to start from scratch.

Once you have an acceptable bankroll in order to play cash games or tournaments, it would not be a bad idea to take shots at higher limit games then you would normally, assuming you are beating the current stakes your at and confident in your game, because if you have a good day it’s possible to significantly increase your bankroll. Although you should only try this if you have the ability to drop down when you need to. In any case, taking shots must not pose a risk to your roll.

Seize the potential money that can be made from playing online poker or live poker. Make this your motivation for playing well so that you can be given the opportunity to play in bigger and more exciting games. If you can be patient enough and be a student of the game, eventually you will reap the great benefits from the respect you have for your bankroll.

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