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Playing an online poker tournament with a big stack is definitely the position in which you love to find yourself. Out there on the internet, forums and blogs, you will notice that the vast majority of the people will only talk about how to play when you have a small stack. In this article we will offer you the information you need about what strategy you should adopt during the moments when you have a large stack.

One of the main problem when playing an online poker tournament with a big stack is the fact that most players out there think that the moment when they have a huge stack they no longer have to worry and the only thing left for them to do is to let the chips to the talking and thinking. You can be sure that having a big stack at an online tournament will most likely help you reach the final table, more than anything. But at the same time you must be careful and take into consideration the fact that beside the moments when you hold an important hand, a big stack can make even more vulnerable in front of your opponents, since they will get the chance to get a lot of chips from you.

In order to better understand what you have to do big stack strategy tips:

Slow play – If you have a big stack and you have been constantly playing active and aggressively, sometimes it’s a very good idea to give slow play a chance. If this strategy is used right, you can easily get even more chips in your pockets. One of the key things that you have to do the moment when you have a big stack and want to use the slow play strategy is to play a premium hand the exact way you used to do it with a normal hand. This way your opponents will most likely raise you or at least call your bets.

Play loose and aggressive – Since you can afford to play different strategies, it’s going to be a good idea to start making looser calls and at the same time to play loose and aggressive. Sometimes you would not even think about playing some hands like a 6 7 or 8 9 at the end of a poker tournament, but since you have a big stack and you don’t have absolutely no problem with throwing around some chips, you can adopt this strategy.

Use your position – Position is Key in online poker and the same principle applies at an online poker tournament where you have a big stack. This is happening because when you find yourself in a late position, you will be given the chance to gain access to the highest amount of information from the other players. This way it will be easier for you to act, bluff, do some slow play or apply any other strategy that you think would be a winning one based on the information that you hold regarding your opponents hands.

The moment you will have a big stack in the middle of an online poker tournament, you can automatically afford to try or test different strategies. This way you will be able to easily notice what is working and what is not working. After trying these different strategies you can easily start applying the ones that work and this way you will easily going to make it to the final table. At the same time you will no longer be stressed about what is going on at the table and you can easily enjoy a lot more the tournament.


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