John Dolan



John Dolan is a professional poker player who was born and grew up in Bonita Springs, Florida. He is part of the November Nine final table in the 2010 World Series of Poker Championship Main Event in Las Vegas. He may not be as famous as as Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi or John Racener, but both these players aren’t entering the final table with 46 million in chips either. This humble online pro is in excellent shape to take down the Main Event and win nearly $9 million for his efforts, which would easily be the biggest tourney cash of his poker career.

Let us start with some general information about John Dolan. Dolan is 24 years old but even at this young age he has been playing poker for more then 5 years. Like most players, it was during his time in college at Florida State University that he became interested in the game of poker. Also during this time Dolan began playing poker on the Internet and it worked out fairly well for him, so well in fact that he decided to drop out of college before completing his degree, so that he could play poker full time. This decision didn’t sit well with his family at the time but now that he has made the final table of this prestigious event they are much more accepting of it.

Dolan’s story is fairly typical for a professional poker player. Prior to becoming a professional poker player, he worked in a few restaurants and was a poker dealer at his local casino. This is how he learned more about the game, especially about the game of poker, learning different winning strategies. He became a master in No Limit Holdem and he did not miss the great opportunity to take part in a major live tournament – the World Series of Poker.

In terms of live tournament results, in 2007, he played in the $500 World Series of Poker casino employees event, placing 91st for a min-cash of $771. It was his first cash finish in Las Vegas and pretty much got the ball rolling for him.


His next big score came in 2008, playing at the Spring Break Poker Classic, where he placed 4th and added $26k to his bankroll. In 2009 he took down the Gulf Coast Poker Championship for nearly $33k and cashed in a few other events. These live tournament wins gave John a great deal of confidence which eventually led him to test out his skills at the WSOP. In 2010 in what seemed to be a pretty uneventful year in terms of live tournament results at the WSOP, all thisĀ  turned around and now John is part of the final table and the 2010 November 9.

John Dolan has nearly 25% of the chips at the final table so definitely likes his chances of winning the big one, even if other players are underestimating his ability.

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