Joseph Cheong



Joseph ‘subiime’ Cheong was born in Seoul, South Korea and is part of the November Nine final table in the 2010 World Series of Poker Championship Main Event in Las Vegas with about 23.5 million in chips. His family immigrated to the United States when he was only 6 years old. In search of a better life in the U.S. his family decided they would setup residence in La Mirada, California, where Joseph went to school and focused heavily on his studies, As you would expect, his good marks in high school enabled him to go to university and he eventually completed two degrees at the University of California at San Diego. One was a bachelor’s degree in psychology and another was a double major of mathematics and economics.

While still in college, Cheong was introduced to the game of poker through friends. At the time, in addition to playing in home games he played a lot of online poker on Full Tilt Poker under the nickname ‘subiime’ which is how he got this name.

Joseph was able to build up a significant sized bankroll playing in online cash games and online tournaments. One of Cheon’s biggest online results was winning the Mini-FTOPS event in 2009 for $55,000.

Since then, he never looked back, and his bankroll has increased substantially. At this point in his life, Cheong realized that poker was going to be a full time career for him and it actually delayed completing his degrees. He didn’t graduate in his fourth year at uni because he was at this time dedicating a lot of time to poker, but he eventually did complete both degrees so that he would have something to fall back on. It was in his fourth year at university that Joseph started playing poker, and it took an additional two years to finally graduate. After graduating from college, he started playing poker full time.


By the start of the 2010 summer, Joseph had amassed more than $300K in online tournament winnings before deciding to take part in the World Series of Poker Main Event and making the final table. This wasn’t the first WSOP though. He actually played in nine 2009 WSOP events but didn’t cash in any of them. The 2010 WSOP is a very different story, however, and when play commences on November 6, considering he is the third largest chip stack at the final table, it very well may just be his year. Cheong was able to build up one of the biggest chip stacks because of his aggressive playing style, which is largely attributed to his experience from online play. Make no mistake about it, Cheong is here to take down the Main Event and he told ESPN, “I’m playing to win the whole tournament. I haven’t slowed down on any of the bubbles, though the equity of the November Nine made me think about it. I’m ready to win this tournament.”

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