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Well it is almost upon us, the 137 running of the roses is just over a week away. In a long standing tradition the race is run on the first Sunday in May. Get your Mint Julep’s ready, the most exciting two minutes in sports is coming your way.

The Kentucky derby is one of the oldest Thoroughbred horse races in America. It has been run every year since 1875. Since 1931 it has been the first race of the prestigious Triple Crown races. The Kentucky Derby was first televised nationally on May, 3rd 1952.

The Kentucky Derby is a huge event, and is internationally known. People across the globe will gather to watch, and hope they bet on the right horse.

How to Bet On The Kentucky Derby:

If you have bet on a horse before, you already know how to bet on the Kentucky Derby. Betting on a horse race is a simple procedure, but requires the knowledge of how it works. In horse betting you have two main types of bets, straight bets and exotic bets. A straight bet is a bet you make on one horse, and an exotic bet involves multiple horse

The three straight bets:

  • Win– Betting a horse to “win” means you are betting the horse will come in first. If you think your horse will be first, this is how you will get the best odds.
  • Place – If you bet your horse will place, you will win your wager if your horse comes in first or second place. The payout will be deceased in relation to a ‘win’ wager.
  • Show – You can also bet your horse to show. This wager is paid if the horse you picked finishes in the top three.

Two Exotic Bets:

  • Exacta – To make an exacta wager you will need to choose two horses. You are betting that those two horses will finish first and second place in the order you pick. A common addition is to ‘box’ your wager. Boxing your wager increases you chances of winning. When your exacta bet is boxed you will win the wager as long as the two horse you picked come in first and second, no matter the order.
  • Trifecta – In this grandaddy of bets you choose the top three finishing horses, in the order they will finish the race. You choose the first, second and third place horses, and being correct will garner you a large payday. Just as with the exacta, you can box this bet as to win no matter the order.

Now lets face it, there is a lot more to choosing what horse you are going to bet on. To get more information, and to have discussions about the race, the horses and the jockeys visit the horse betting forum at

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