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Las Vegas has been struck by yet another brazen thief. On Thursday night, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino a man wearing a fedora, fake mustache, and sunglasses grabbed over $33,000 in chips from a pai gow poker table.

The man was simply grabbing players and house chips from the table and placing them in a laptop bag slung over his shoulder. When the dealer tried to stop the him, the assailant revealed a gun. This stopped the dealers efforts, and the suspect fled the casino in a cab.

Within hours of the robbery police arrested 61 year old cab driver Hiroyuki Yamaguchi. Lt. Ray Steiber, of the Las Vegas Metro police said “He had knowledge of what was to occur,”. Detectives searching the cab found the unloaded revolver, thought to be the weapon used in the crime, under the front seat. Yamaguchi admitted to covering his cabs internal camera, thus there is no video of the suspect in the car.

Police believe Steven Gao, who worked with Yamaguchi at the same cab company, is the bandit. Yamaguchi, admitted to picking him up at the casino, and had been instructed to cover his cab camera.

Police have also taken Edward Land, 41, into custody. Police say Land met Gao at another casino after the robbery and received $17,000 in stolen chips. Land told police Gao owed him $15,000 and robbed the casino as a way to pay back the debt, the police report said.

Land and Yamaguchi are both in custody, and face charges including armed robbery and conspiracy.

Gao remains on the run. Police released his driver’s license photo and urged anyone with information about him to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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