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Lock Poker has made its move to the newly created Revolution Gaming network. The Revolution Gaming network is the new name of the Cake poker network. Lock Poker purchased the Cake Poker network, and has listed multiple improvements they intend to implement.

The change was scheduled for June 1st, but players where presented the new Lock Poker download on May 31st. All players at Lock Poker are now on the Revolution Gaming poker network.

Software Change

Player at Lock Poker where required to download the new software to continue to play. Most player seemed to get through this without a hitch. Some players reported error messages, and failed downloads, but most of these appear to be fixed.

There has been some reports of technical problems. Some players where getting error messages, and many where resolved in short order. The players bankrolls where to be seamlessly transferred to the new software, at it appears this has been a huge success.

The biggest complaint is the quality of the software. Many people believe the reason Merge was the larger network in the first place was their software. Don’t get me wrong, many people dislike the Merge software, but many of them think Revolution Gaming software is worse. The good news is Lock poker has firmly stated this is on their to-do list.









Players Reaction

The poker forums are buzzing about the change. You can find many posts of players complaining. Some are having technical issues with the change, ranging from being unable to get the new software working to having to change their user name because it is too long for the new network.

The complaints are to be expected. Poker players like to whine, and it will take time to get used to the new software. I would say the complaining is a rather small sample, and should not be a serious issue for Lock poker or the Revolution Gaming network.


Lock Poker moving to the Revolution Gaming poker network has significantly enlarged the amount of players. According to poker scout then network has peeked at over 1,500 players. For the proceeding two months the peek daily traffic was about 850-1,050, rarely getting over 1,000 players.

The Merge Network has taken a huge hit. The peek traffic for the previous two months was 2,500-3,000 players, since the move they have failed to break the 2,000 mark.

With only two days of data to base things on, Merge is still the bigger network. It is hard to say what will happen over the next months.