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On Dec 1st 2010 the merge network took the mac client out of beta testing, and ready for everyone. Carbon poker is of course on the merge network.

And the initial reaction is very good. Unfortunately I am a PC, so I had to wait to talk to Mac users about their experience.

Of course, first I have to take 20-30 min of why Macs are better, and how I should have a mac. I always stick with, I don’t think pretty things should work hard. I have no idea what that means, but Mac user get it somehow. But I digress.

It looks like the months of testing have ironed out the bugs. The feedback I have gotten is it is a great piece of software, just like the PC version. If you have never played poker on merge software you are missing out.

There are a ton of fun, little features to the software client. Such as emoticons when you type certain words, that are large and well done. They have a bad Beat Jackpot, that is paid when hit. They are a leader in finding ways for you to fund your account.