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Any player that has played poker online is on the lookout for new poker bonuses. Deciding what the best poker bonus is requires looking deeper into the bonus. Some bonuses are instant, while others have playing requirements. Each site will have their own way of releasing a bonus. Be sure to understand the terms so you get the bonus you expect.

Most online poker sites have a nice first time bonus when you deposit real money. Most of the time you play a set number of raked hands and then you get part of your bonus. Some sites, like lucky ace poker give you part of the bonus instantly. When you get some of the bonus instantly you have a larger bankroll right from the start.

Eventually you will have to earn your bonus. And there are a few things you will want to know.

How do I earn the bonus.

This looks a bit obvious on the surface, but you must be exact on this one. There are two ways a site can count your hands played dealt or contributed. Dealt, means if you where dealt cards in the hand you get credit for being in the hand if it is raked. Contributed, means only if you placed money into the pot do you get credit for being in the hand.

You can easily check this for your self by tracking your play. Simply note how many pots went to rake, and whether you had any chips in the pot. Compare this to the amount of bonus you earned. You can also find it in the terms of the bonus.

When does the bonus expire.

If you played online poker in the early 2000’s, you remember when bonuses didn’t expire. Those days are gone, and you should expect your bonus will have an expiration date. You will want to plan to play as often as you can to earn the entire bonus.

What is the amount that is released.

You should know how much of the bonus is released at one time. This becomes most important right about the time the bonus is going to expire. Knowing how close you are to the next release can help you plan a maximum return for your play.

As a final word I would say to concentrate on finding a site you like. This is a good use of bonuses, as you can try out many sites until you find one you like.