Merge Gaming $817,361.20 BBJ Goes Off

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In an exciting hand last evening the Merge (Carbon Poker) BBJ was won. Player ‘Vigtastical’ won $286,076.42 for getting the bad beat. Player ‘jap1234’ takes away $143,038.21 for giving out the bad beat. All other players in the hand received $28,607.64 just for being dealt in.

Here is how the hand unfolded:

Player ‘Vigtastical’ was dealt pocket 10’s while player ‘jap1234’ woke up with pocket Q’s.

A third player raised pre-flop holding Ad Ks and both ‘Vigtastical’ and ‘jap1234’ called. All other players folded so the flop was dealt.

It came down Qc, 6s, 10h which gave ‘Vigtastical’ a set of 10’s and ‘jap1234’ a set of Q’s. ‘Vigtastical’ checked the flop while the player with AK bet out. ‘jap1234’ called the bet, however ‘Vigtastical’ raised substantially forcing our AK friend to fold. ‘jap1234’ pushed all-in but ‘Vigtastical’ had him covered and called the re-raise.

The cards were flipped and both players saw where they were. Set over set wasn’t looking good for ‘Vigtastical’.

The turn card was dealt and the miracle case 10 fell giving ‘Vigtastical’ quad 10’s and the lead.

The river then fell and it was the final Q giving ‘jap1234’ quad Q’s and the hand.

What a huge payday for those lucky players! Congratulation from OPSR!