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Well we have kick-off for the mini FTOPS XVIII with the first tournament under its belt. 15,328 ponied up the $20+$2 NLH tournament swelling the prize pool to over $300k. After almost 11 hours of white knuckle poker action player mulls24 took down first place for $46,793.32, congratulations mulls24!

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FTOPS XVIII Event #1 on Wednesday Dec 08 21:00 ET was a $20 + $2 NL Hold’em tournament with a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. Of course with 15,328 entries the prize pool was even bigger. There where 1890 places payed with $30.65 as the lowest win.

Mini FTOPS XVIII Event 1 was hosted by Team Full Tilt’s Andy Bloch, the FTP pro who was also a part of the MIT blackjack team. Andy had a lackluster finish of  place 6923, but that is at least the top half of the field. of the 25 who entered, Lee Watkinson was the only member of team FT to place in the money, with a 1866 place finish for a prize of $30.65.

The final table finishes:

Place Player ID $ Won
1 mulls24 $46,793.32
2 PPARRISH $31,422.40
3 brunoricelli $22,225.60
4 1beebers1 $15,941.12
5 SmnLikDat $11,342.72
6 TreeVegas $8,123.84
7 spec55 $5,824.64
8 Nextpage $4,291.84
9 kejer04 $3,034.94