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I am sure you know, this is a poker site. It is about playing online poker and tips and strategy for playing poker. But today I need to talk about football, and I mean American football. I grew up in Minnesota, a frozen wasteland in the middle of the North American continent. So football is a big part of the entertainment in the first half of winter. We love to bet NFL Futures, watch the games and hope this is finally going to be the year.

Metropolitan Stadium

As a Minnesotan, I am of course a Vikings fan. I remember the old Met Stadium from when I was a kid, I remember how cool the new dome was going to be. I also know the dome never was cool, it was always ugly and in the beginning the roof collapsed 3 times under the snow. But is has since been a workhorse, hosting not only football and baseball games but truck and tractor pulls, concerts and boat shows.

But as we all know by now, under 16+ inches of snow, it has failed yet again. This time it is looking worse and worse with more sections failing daily. Minnesota is faced with the inevitability they need a new stadium, or will lose their football team. But this, is a whole separate story. The point at hand is what to do about the Monday night football game the Vikings are to host against the Chicago Bears.

There has been much talk about where to host the game. It has been an unknown as to the domes ability to be ready, but it is looking impossible at this time. The backup plan has always been the University of Minnesota’s new TCF field. It is an outside stadium, that was never intended for winter use. It has less seats then the dome, and concession stands are designed for 30 degree plus operation. Since the college events don’t serve beer, no taps are installed. Besides this the field is covered with a foot and a half of snow.

The preparations for the game on Monday night should run into the $700,000 mark. The Vikings and the NFL will pick up the tab. Crews are being hired to shovel the field, workmen are putting up wind shields and everyone is working to make this happen. Although the task is immense, the Vikings are reporting the game will be played at TCF Field at the UofM.

I think it is great to see a game played outside in the cold of Minnesota. I would love for our team to have an outdoor stadium. We would see those games in the snow I remember as a child. An outdoor stadium would become a huge home field advantage for the Vikings.

Soldier Field

Unfortunately if the game played Monday is outside, it will be against the Chicago Bears. As you will notice from the picture of Soldier Field, the home of the Bears, it has no top. So the advantage of playing in the Minnesota cold will go to the Chicago Bears, as our Dome team will be freezing their butts off.