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Check out this great TV ad for Muchos Poker. If you don’t know, Muchos poker is a great new online poker site that allows player to play at six different poker networks, from a central cashier.

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Muchos Poker is for the serious poker player. No longer must you hassle with moving and splitting your bankroll. It can all be in one place, while you have access to six poker networks. No longer must you deal with multi-day delays as your money is in transit between web-wallet and poker site.

Muchos Poker is also for the casual player. If you play small stakes, having money in several sites is even more of a pain. When you win small amounts in a freeroll on two networks, it can now all end up in the same place. Finally you can have access to several places to play poker and keep building a bankroll.

What are you waiting for, check out Muchos Poker right now!