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Online bingo has been steadily growing since its introduction several years ago. Sites have been working to improve the online bingo experience and make it feel more like being at a real bingo hall. One of the biggest improvements thus far is  Web Cam Bingo, where you can actually see the people you are chatting and playing with.

When you play bingo at BingoCams with your webcam on and win, the software takes a screen shot. This is called your ‘winning moment’ and is broadcast across the site! You will also be entered in the monthly live win moments, worth £1,000 to the winner.

Play Bingo

Playing online bingo is super easy and a lot of fun. To get started you will need to set up an account and get your free money. Then you simply select a bingo room, you will have many to choose from. To select a bingo room you will have to look at the factors of the room, such as how many people are in the room and what the price of a card is. When you have chosen your room you will buy your cards and wait for the game to start. When the game starts the ball swill be chosen and your card will fill itself if a number is picked, so no need to be worried about chatting too much.


The most important part is winning, and Bingo Cams sure has a lot of ways for you to do that. The first way to win is with a horizantal line, the first player to achive this wins. The second prize is for two horizontal lines, and the first paler to achive this wins a prive. The thrid way to win is with a Full House (the whole board covered) and the first plaer to achive this wins.

But there is more, each game has a jackpot. To win the jackpot you have to get a full house in 40 balls or less. The jackpots go off all day, and lucky players collect their prizes. The more expensive the cards, the higher the jackpot. But there is even more, you can win the huge BigBang progressive jackpot by getting a Full House in 32 balls or less. The BigBang progressive jackpot does not go off as often as the others, but grows to a large payday for the lucky winner!

The Bonus

Upon opening an account you get £5. This is so you can get a chance to look around and get comfortable. You can play some games and get to know the software, with ‘house money’ and deposit will confidence in the game. When you are ready to make your first deposit it will be matched 200%, up to £100. The bonus is instant and you can use it right away to play.

They will send out a regular newsletter that will offer regular bonus codes to get 50% up to £125. You will want to be sure to always look at the newsletter and use the opportunity to top off your account. If you plan it right you can very easily get a deposit bonus every time you deposit.

Beyond deposit bonuses you will find many other awesome promotions. Players at Bingocams are rewarded for their loyalty with a status points system. See the site for full details, but regular players can get up to £20,000 in bonuses.

Add to this the bouncing bonus, the 15% Live Win Moment Bonus, monthly live win moments (worth £1,000 to the winner) and special events and promotional days and you have quite the bonus bonanza. Player will be sure to feel welcomed and appreciated by Bingocams, which is good since they are all on webcams!

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